About BillMark

The BillMark image was created in the middle of 2018, with the goal of pooling our resources and then uniting the greatest knowledge and professionalism to serve the digital media needs. The members of our team have worked together with great names such as Telekom, Stihl, BAT (British American Tobacco), GRAY, Geometry Global, MTVA, and Gábor Miklós Szőke sculptor.

Our Goal

Our team has been working with nearly 25 years of experience in various digital and media fields. Our goal is to use this powerful core to attract more customers with high quality, leaving a mark on the digital world.


Our philosophy is based on quality, flexibility and optimization, keeping the old and current trends and customer needs in mind. Quality, because quality is important for us to reach our future goals. Flexibility, because we are flexible in handling customer expectations and needs. Optimization because we are trying to achieve the best possible quality with cost effectively in short time.

2D/3D animations

2D and 3D animations can be perfect solutions to represent your sales or just to explain your customers how the product works. Whether it is a photorealistic video, or a 2D infographics animation, we can help you from the first ideas to the final animation. 

3D Visualization

We create photorealistic 3D visualizations for any product from a drink bottle to complete architectural designs. Digital visualizations give you a lot of freedom and flexibility to represent your product without having to set up a studio photography, moreover you can show the customers your ideas even before the actual product exists. 

3D modelling

We can create a virtual 3D model of your products or design ideas which can be used in many different ways, such as be 3D printed, shown in VR and AR applications, be put in different virtual environments or even composited in a real photo or video footage and son on. There are endless number of opportunities. 

Graphic design

Sometimes showing a great design to the public is not enough to make the perfect presentation of the product. Branding and appereance is very important too. With our 20+ years of experience on the field we can help you in that too: flyers, posters, business cards, website designs are also included in our services. 

Co.-Founder / 3D Artist
Head of Art
Chief Executive Officer
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Co.-Founder / 3D Artist
Design Engineering
Financial Assistant
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